September 25, 2022

Freyja Mo

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tick borne diseases

Tick borne diseases – It can kill you

For the first time a study conducted in United States has found a new virus due to tick bites which affects the human brain functions. The researches has named that virus as Tick Borne encephalitis.
Ticks are very common in most areas in United States. Specially due to the growth of deer population tick population has increased drastically. Most commonly people get tick bites from deer’s, cats and dogs. Researches show that people often get infections and diseases due to these tick bites.
To reduce tick bites always cover your skin when you go outside, specially when you go to wild. If you have a tick bite clean the area properly with clean water. Doctors say that if you get fever within a month of a tick bite its better to have a proper medical attention.
However researchers shows that it is highly unlikely to get Tick borne encephalitis from every tick bite.