September 26, 2022

Freyja Mo

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Story of a dog found alone and tied to a suitcase at a railway station

Story of a dog found alone and tied to a suitcase at a railway station

This is a story of an innocent dog who was abandoned in a train station in Scotland back in 2015. He was tied to a suitcase containing his pillow, toys, food and a bowl. This poor dog was a young Sharpei mix. Later this young dog became famous as Kai.
Photo of Kai tied to the suitcase went viral. People around the world were so much concerned and later Scottish SPCA scanned the microchip and identified the owner. Owner claimed that he sold Kai in 2013 and the new owner’s details were not documented.
According to Scottish law abandoning an animal is a federal offence. If someone is found guilty they will be prohibited to keep any kind of animal.

Kai, the abandoned dog

A few months later a Scottish newspaper has revealed that Kai was a victim of sour sale. A woman who came by train with her young daughter to purchase Kai after seeing him from a website was found to be the culprit abandoned Kai. According to the woman, she wasn’t happy with the sale. But the seller left Kai with his belongings. Unable to do anything woman and her daughter too left keeping Kai tied to his suitcase, alone at the railway station.

Kai with his new owner

Later, out of hundreds of applications a suitable owner was selected by Scottish SPCA. SPCA reveals during the period when the Kai was under SPCA’s care Kai received thousands of treats and toys all around the world.